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    Social Enterprise
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    We help with   management of customers.
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    Lead Nurturing

CRM-Shop is a collaborator of technology to provide easy and effective solutions, to help you sell more, market intently and serve with excellence.

We encompass our solutions in Social Enterprise to include all influences in your business, customers, clients, stakeholders, suppliers and partners and provide colabrativeworking enviroments. We provide full business consultation to ensure simple and effect business process.

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We do?


Provide great working solutions to simplify business

Customer Relationship Management

We supply CRM -customer relationship mangement - solutions for sales, marketing and service. Integration of telephony, email and social media platforms simplify all efforts to generate leads through to sales and customer retention. When positive results are achieved the mangement of the client through projects and contracts in terms of service. Marketing procees for part of strengthening an aiding sales and service processes.


Implement Enterprise Social Media -Intranet

Enterprise 2.0 and CRM are both collaborators of individual, team and companywide communications and activities. We offer a platform enabling the sharing of expertise across your company. We know that it is not what your know what’s happening but what you don’t know and most times a colleague or team in a department would know a bit of information that would enable better decisions to be made. We offer open spaces to share these ideas in the correct security levels.



Lead maturing, generation, scoring and management

The management of leads produced by social media, email and traditional marketing has become an important criteria in analysing marketing performance. Further to this lead management

adds to the value of information passed and the correct timing from marketing to sales.


Realtime web site monitoring

While, SEO - Search Engine Optimisation. and the use of Google analytics is important enablers for web site traffic we with our technical partners Sales Manago are able to identfy and track

in real time who and what interest areas they have when on your websites. Automated rules working in conjunction with your lead scoring can intern relay new one to one messages to the

prospect on your web site


Social Media Marketing

The Marketing and sales divide has been bridged to produce consolidated team efforts to increase quality of leads produced in social media marketing. The simple ability to create automated responses and the ease of creating sophisticated landing pages for campaigns by non-technical staff.


Unified Messaging

We bring together communication methods to communicate with employee, partners, customers or suppliers from one platform. Video calling, telephony, email and im chat servers are offered in one platform. Recording and communication activity is then added to the system for future requirements and add to the well organised office.


Take on the next generation systems for the next generation of working professionals

Facebook inc, Linkedin inc, Twitter inc and Google have all changed the way the work. We use the models they have brought and adopt to use in the way business function. Adopting these changes, will bring remarkable value in how you market and sell today. We can assist let us know!

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OurTechnology Partners

The technology behind our solutions

Bitrix24 | Social Enteprise +CRM

Partner for Enterprise 2.0 and CRM solutions Integrating telephony, Project and Task Management, HR Management and Business Automation

SalesManago | Marketing Automation

Web Site monitoring, Lead scoring, Closed Marketing, Revenue performance monitoring, Dynamic one to one email and a host of innovative social marketing tools.

Byteline | CRM Consultants Service Providers

The 20 years of experience of implementing CRM and Telecom services adds value service to the CRM-Shop

Pricing Table

We provide practical solutions to your Sales, Service and Marketing efforts.

R1 241.00


  • Unlimited Enteprise 2.0 and CRM Users
  • Unlimited Workspaces
  • Task + Project Management
  • HR Management
  • IP Access Limitation
  • Integrated Email Server
  • 50 GByte Cloud Storage
R2 580.00
Monthly inc VAT


  • All Features of Standard deal plus the following
  • Incorporate own logo
  • Work Reports
  • Time Management
  • Meeting and Briefings
  • Own Domain
  • 100 GByte Cloud Storage
R2 080.00
Monthly inc VAT

SalesManago 1000

  • Marketing Automation for 1000 Contracts
  • Closed Loop Marketing
  • Lead Nuturing With score index
  • Real time Web page/s monitoring
  • Marketing Automation
  • Conversion Analytics and ROI
  • Email Marketing
R 4 500.00
Monthly inc VAT

Bitrix and SalesManago

  • Bitrix24 Socail Enterprise, CRM and SalesManago 1000 contacts
  • Integrated Solution
  • Unlimited company users
  • Unlimited Web Site monitoring
  • Unlimited Project Workgroups
  • Online Marketing and Planning
  • Syncronised Marketing Sales

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We unified working solutions for your business

Amajuba Street, Noordheuwel, Krugersdorp
Gauteng, South Africa

Phone: +27(0)11 954 6548
Phone: +27(0)82 765 9529

Email: info@crm-shop.co.za
Skype: brucehowie3

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